E-M Engineering LP uses commercial technical software (4M, Ti-Soft) as well as software developed for specific products such as Dialux, Relux, Trox product Finder, Grundfos Web Caps, etc.

To meet its specialized requirements, in a variety of technical applications, E-M Engineering LP has developed special technical software as presented below.


Water Supply Cold & Hot Water Supply Networks including thermal losses & Recirculation Network Calculation.

Water-Hammer Pumping Station Water Hammer.

StormWater Storm water detention tank calculation.

DrainNet Drainage channels & partially full drainage pipes calculations.

Climate - Building

Climate Analysis of Sun path & Climatic Data (Temperature, Humidity, Cooling & Hating Degree Hours etc).

Cell Insulation Building Cell Insulation Calculation according Greek Law requirements.

Condense Condensation Calculation in Building Elements.


RTS Calc Cooling Loads Calculations according ASHRAE RTS method.

Psychrometric Psychrometric Calculation including Cooling, Heating, Water or Steam Humidification.

AutoNet HVAC Pipe Network simulation including Balancing Valves Automatic Regulation.

AutoDuct HVAC Duct Network Calculation.

DuctAtt Sound attenuation in air duct networks, according EN-VDI 2081.

SmokeControl Somoke Control in Large Volume Spaces according to ASHRAE and NFPA 92.

AutoFloor Floor Heating & Cooling Calculation according DIN 1264, including Network simulation.

Hoods Hoods Sizing and Flow calculations.

Chimneys Chimney Calculation acc ลอ 13384-1.


LVED Low Voltage Electrical Distribution calculation including Main Board Bars & Cable sizing, Voltage drop & Sort Circuit Calculation, Power Factor Correction Calculation etc.

VoltageDrop Voltage Drop Calculation of Complex Three-phase Lines with Random load distribution.

Fire Protection

Sprinklers Sprinklers Network Hydraulic Simulation according NFPA or ลอ 12845.

Hoses Fire Hoses Network Hydraulic Simulation.

NOVEC Novec 1230 total flooding installation calculation according Tyco guidance.

INERGEN Inergen total flooding installation calculation.

FM200 FM200 total flooding installation calculation according Tyco guidance.

Extra Low Voltage

BMS BMS control points analysis.

PABX Data Rack sizing & PABX calculation according Erlang method.

RTV R-TV network signal attenuation calculation.


NagNet Natural Gas network calculation covering full pressure range assuming fixed or variable density.

O2Net Oxygen distribution network calculation.

PANet Pressured air distribution network calculation.

Blower Low Pressure air distribution network calculation.


POOLS Pool installation calculations including - Overflow tank, filters, Supply, & Return networks, outlets, heating loads (conductive, radiative, evaporative).