Quality assurance, is considered as the cornerstone of our philosophy, contributing to the growth of our company.

We believe that quality assurance of project design and engineering is mainly related with the subjects mentioned below :

  • Process definition for design and selecting solutions in close cooperation with the other practices of the design group.

  • Selection of scientifically correct and verified methods of computation.

  • Specification of works and materials according to the regulations, meeting the special requirements of a project.

  • Process control for the minimisation of errors.

In our company the above are achieved as follows :

  • A "project manager" is defined. He is one of the company members and has the responsibility for :

    • The contacts with the client and other related persons or organizations.

    • The contacts, the coordination and information exchange between the members of the design group.

    • The monitoring of the time schedule.

  • A "basic design and quality insurance team" is formed by the most experienced engineers and has the responsibility for :

    • The definition of rules and regulations, according which, the project will be designed.

    • Collection of information about local conditions.

    • The selection of solutions to be proposed, with regard to technical and financial aspects.

    • Distribution of work between the members of the design team.

    • The attention of the design process in accordance with formed time schedule.

    • The assurance of cooperation between the members of design team and the compatibility between the installations.

  • A "design team" is formed, which, consists the basic production team, for the design implementation in all stages.
    This team is formed by all necessary personnel, and is properly equipped (hardware, software etc), and has the responsibility for :

    • Implementation of project design, according to the direction given by the "basic design and quality insurance team".

    • Production quality assurance by maximising the use of computer equipment with appropriate software and using the company's information archives.

All these teams will be supported by required secretary personnel.