Our vision is the following :

  • E-M engineering services should not be limited in the provision of engineering support in electromechanical installations of a building, but should extend to fully cover the needs of the design group. We focus the design of a building at which the installations are considered as extensions of the basic Architectural design and are fully harmonised to the building.

  • Engineering should assure simplicity, functionality, foreseen and problem free operation, ease of control, ease of maintenance and persistence.

  • Energy conservation is of prime importance as regards both installation engineering and selection of energy resources.

  • Engineering should constantly monitor the latest technology developments in regulations, materials, equipment and practice.

  • We consider very important the technical ability of the members, in both general and specialised subjects.

  • Assuring the quality of construction in buildings, is of prime concern and we are practicing it, by preparing strict technical specifications, in accordance with the national or international regulations and the specific requirements of each project.

  • Finally our services quality is of high importance to the growth of our company.

We work consistently and persistently toward the above :

  • We closely cooperate with other practices working in a project. Each one of the group tries to understand the requirements and solve the problems if and when they arise from any side, Architectural, Structural, Electromechanical etc.

  • Engineering is carried out by experienced engineers, who set the directions and check the produced work in every stage.

  • Our members are keeping up with the latest technical developments both general and specialised. Constant technical transfer is taken between the members.

  • Our company, owns a very big archive of technical specifications which is constantly updated. Experienced engineers prepare technical specifications in projects, in relation to bidding documents to fully cover the technical and financial aspects.