Most of our company's processes are supported by information technology.

We have the ability to exchange information and cooperate with other companies by using fax, e-mail facilities etc.

Since the establishment of the company a great emphasis has been given to the application of solution possibilities with the latest technology trends. We believe that the proper use of technology can help in the following direction :

  • Productivity

  • Standardization of processes

  • Quality assurance through minimisation of errors during the design process.

Our company's strict standards, related to integrated and sound solutions and computation methods, has driven us in implementing proprietary software covering significant design aspects for which the software market has yet to offer satisfactory solutions.

This practice found to be useful in two ways. Firstly, for the above reasons which we discussed already. Secondly because the use of this software assists to thoroughly understand the issues arising during the operation of installations, providing the possibility of forecasting and solving these during the design process.